Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recital weekend

Dance recital weekend this year was extra busy!  Norah was in the Friday night show, Abby was in the Saturday afternoon, both were in the Saturday night show, and Abby was in the Sunday afternoon show...whew!  My mom, Abby, and I watched Norah in the Friday night show, and my mom took Norah home at intermission when she was done.  Abby had fun staying and watching the other dancers.

I dropped Abby off for the Saturday afternoon show, then that evening, Dave, his parents, and I were all able to watch both girls perform.  Our daycare provider, Lori, was also able to come watch.

I helped out with Abby's group at the Sunday afternoon show.  She has had such a sweet (and small!) group of girls and a great teacher this year.  My sister was able to come watch Abby perform.  Since this show was only made up of competition groups, it went pretty fast.  Abby was definitely tired by the end of the weekend, but sad that a fun year of dance was over!

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