Sunday, April 2, 2017

Abby's 9-year interview

Favorite color:  blue
Least favorite color:  black
Favorite book:  Out of My Mind
Favorite fruit:  canteloupe
Favorite vegetable:  cooked broccoli
Favorite TV show:  Camp Lake Bottom (on Netflix)
Favorite movie:  Baby's Day Out
Favorite food:  fish and mac & cheese
Favorite lunch:  pizza
Favorite thing to wear:  footie pajamas
Favorite snack:  Goldfish crackers
Favorite zoo animal:  zebra
Best friend:  Avery and Sarah
Favorite cereal:  Cinnamon Life
Favorite drink:  Fiji water
Thing I like to do with Mommy:  have her read to me
Thing I like to do with Daddy:  play with him
Thing I like to do with Norah:  play with her
Thing I like to do with Sadie:  cuddle
Favorite store:  Target
Favorite toy:  fidget spinner
Favorite game:  Sequence
Favorite song:  I'm Still Standing
Favorite thing to do outside:  play with Lily and Gavin
Favorite holiday:  my birthday
What I want to be when I grow up:  teacher
What makes me happy:  when I get to play with my friends
What makes me sad:  when it's raining outside and we want to play outside
What I like about Daddy:  scratchy beard
What I like about Mommy:  snuggling
What I like about Norah:  I can read to her
What I like about Sadie:  petting her
If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to:  Florida
If I could change my name, it would be:  Tori
One thing I do the best:  reading
Favorite thing about school:  Media
The coolest person on earth:  Greg
Favorite sport:  dance
If I had one wish, it would be:  to have a baby sister or brother (or a cousin)
Something I used to do when I was little:  sleep
3 words that best describe me:  talented, helpful, reader
Now that I'm 9:  sometimes I don't have to sit with a carseat

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