Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Abby turns 9!

Abby had fun celebrating her 9th birthday this year!  She enjoyed cupcakes from Cakewalk and opening presents the Friday night before her birthday.

That Saturday, she had a dance competition, then went to a Timberwolves game and stayed in downtown Minneapolis with my dad for the night.

On Sunday the 2nd, her actual birthday, she and my dad met up with the rest of us (my mom, Norah, and I, plus Dave's parents) at Chuck E. Cheese.

The next weekend, Abby had her friend Olivia over for a sleepover Friday night, and then we took two of her friends from school/daycare (Olivia and Sarah) out for a pizza lunch and to the movies.  The girls had fun picking out a box of candy for the movie at Target before the show.

At Abby's 9 year check up, she was excited to not have any shots this year!  She weighed in at 52.6 pounds (12th percentile) and was 4 feet, 4 inches tall (44th percentile).  I can't believe that she will be in the double digits next year!

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