Sunday, December 31, 2017


We had to change our Christmas plans this year a little bit, due to the stomach flu...Norah ended up getting sick on her first day of winter break, so we had to postpone my family Christmas.  Instead, the Saturday before Christmas, we went to go see "The Greatest Showman" as a family and had our little family Christmas.  We went down to Iowa on Christmas Eve, and celebrated at Dave and LeaAnn's house.  The girls were given handmade quilts from my aunt LeaAnn.

Abby helped play the prelude at my grandma's church for the Christmas Eve service. 

After church, we spent the night at Miriam and Scott's.  We had a nice celebration with everyone on Christmas Day. 

We headed back up to Lonsdale, where we then had our family Christmas with my parents, Greg, and Jenny.  Later in the week, we went to our annual Timberwolves game with Mara and Bryan.

Our last Christmas was the next weekend with Dave's family.  Norah was so excited about her new stapler, and Abby was excited to get some Under Armor gear. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas program

The week before Christmas, our church had our annual kids' Christmas program.  Abby decided to be brave enough to have a speaking/acting part this year, and was the angel Gabriel.  Norah was an angel with a group of girls, and I played piano for the carols the kids sang.  It was a cute program!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Visiting Santa

We had nice weather for visiting Santa at Kubes Realty again this year...this time, we even brought Sadie!  Afterward, Abby and Norah thought it would be fun to continue the tradition of making gingerbread houses with Dave's mom, so she and Abby ran up to Wal-Mart to buy kits.  The girls had fun being creative!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Girls' weekend

We hosted our annual "Girls' weekend" with my grandma, Miriam, Mara, Sara, and Gavin.  We had a blast playing, crafting, swimming at the new pool in New Prague, playing games, and just soaking up lots of family time.  We just wish these weekends didn't go so fast!