Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas in Albert Lea

Christmas with Dave's extended family came early this year--mid December.  The weather wasn't great, but Dave was able to get off of work early and drive us down for a late lunch.  Santa came, and the kids opened gifts.  Norah was definitely suspicious of Santa this year, and said, "that's Grandma".  We tried to convince her otherwise, but she was still pretty suspicious.  It was a quick afternoon, but fun to see everyone!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Santa visits

The girls were able to visit with Santa a couple of times this year--once was our new tradition, taking the light rail up to downtown Minneapolis to Macy's early Thanksgiving week.  This year, all of our siblings were able to join us.  Greg had even flown in for Thanksgiving, so could join us.  We had fun walking through the elf village, meeting Santa, writing letters to Santa, and enjoying some yummy treats from the bakery.  This year, Norah asked for an American Girl doll named Ginger (actually a Target brand doll--Norah wanted her specifically because she wears a red dress).  Abby asked for a double doll stroller.  She really wanted an American Girl one, but when I showed her how short it would be, she and I found a taller one on Amazon.  She had to show Santa my phone to make sure he knew which one she wanted..  After our visit, Tracy even rode the light rail back with us until her stop at her apartment.

The first weekend of December, Dave's parents came up and went to see Santa with us at a local realtor's office.  Norah was excited that Mrs. Claus was there, too!  His parents came back to our house to make gingerbread houses with the girls that afternoon.