Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Watermelon Day/Adventureland

Last weekend was another busy one!  We headed down Saturday morning to Watermelon Day in Stanhope.  The weather was perfect for being outside all day.  We saw the parade, then worked a shift at the ring toss (well, Norah went on rides with Sarah and Gavin while the rest of us worked!).

Abby and I snuck out early to have lunch at Lori and Jon's.  The girls enjoyed the rides, duck pond, ring toss, and some Bingo.  We took a break mid-afternoon and watched Frozen with Erin.  My dad took off before supper, and afterward, we got slices of pizza to bring back to Lori's.  There weren't too many family members still left hanging around, but we did get to try some archery with Lynsey and Robby and go Pokemon hunting with Erin before the big drawing at night.

We spent the night at Miriam's, then went to church/lunch at the community center in Stanhope on Sunday.  After a very relaxing afternoon at Miriam's, we headed down to Mara's to spend the night.  The girls were excited about some pre-bedtime water balloons!

Monday, we met up with Miriam, Scott, Gavin, Sarah, Lea Ann, Kendra, Mara, and Connor at Adventureland.  We had a great time going on rides, eating lunch at the magic show (our tradition!), and finished off with a nice cool-off visit to the water park.  After such a fun weekend with family, we were happy that we still had Door County to look forward to!

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