Friday, July 29, 2016

Swimming lessons

It was another great year of swimming lessons for the girls--Abby did hers in June.  She did another round of level 2 in the winter, since last year, her teacher wrote that she needed to work on her endurance a little more before level 3.  She passed just fine, so did level 3 this summer.  It was a lot tougher--swimming further distances and learning how to dive.  Not surprisingly, she didn't pass level 3, so will work on that again this winter and next summer some more.  She still had fun and is hoping to redeem her free swimming pass before it expires this month!

Norah and I had our last-ever "Tadpoles" swimming class where parents swim with their kids.  Another "last" for our family--sad!  She loved every minute of it, except when they had a different teacher on Tuesday and they didn't sing any songs.  She learned how to swim with a kickboard and pool noodle without me holding onto her and grew confident in jumping in the pool without holding hands.  She is definitely a little fish!

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