Friday, July 8, 2016


Dave planned a camping trip for this summer--our first time camping multiple nights and the first opportunity to use the new tent we got him for his birthday.  We stayed for three nights, and had a great campsite with a spot for our tent that was sheltered by trees in its own little area away from the fire/picnic table.  We did have some rain when we first got there, and then more on Thursday/Friday morning, but otherwise it was perfect!  We had a nice day to hike, check out the headwaters and play in the water there, and swim and play at the beach of Lake Itasca.  The weather was a little cooler the next couple of days, so perfect for climbing the fire tower and checking out the visitor center.  We visited the headwaters often, and it was especially nice in the evenings when there were hardly any people around.  Thursday night was rainy, so we ate pizza at the cafe (they also had great ice cream!) and had our hot dogs over the campfire for lunch the next day.  We were thankful for a purchase Dave had made right before the trip--a pop-up shelter to put around the picnic table.  It was a great place to cook/eat meals and play games.  All in all, we had a great time and can definitely see ourselves visiting this park again someday!

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