Sunday, April 3, 2016

Albert Lea birthday party/egg hunt

The day after Abby's birthday, we went down to Albert Lea after church to celebrate Easter and the girls' birthday with Dave's family.  Everyone gathered at Gerald's assisted living home for an Easter lunch, presents, and cupcakes/ice cream.  Dave's mom had chosen a Shopkins theme for the party, and had printed out Shopkins cupcake holders to tape around the cupcakes.  Tracy made the cupcakes.  It was nice to catch up with everyone!

After the party, we went over to Betty and Ron's for the egg hunt.  Dave's parents had gone over a little earlier to hide the eggs.  It was windy, but the air was warm, so it was perfect for being outside.  Everyone found lots of eggs and had fun opening them inside.  We stayed for a little while to chat with people before heading back home to get ready for another week.  Fun day!

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