Saturday, April 2, 2016

Abby's 8 year interview

Favorite food:  shrimp poppers
Favorite color:  blue
Least favorite color:  black
Favorite toy:  Barbies
Favorite fruit:  canteloupe
Favorite TV show:  Arthur
Favorite movie:  Maleficent
Favorite lunch:  popcorn chicken
Favorite thing to wear:  dresses
Favorite game:  Clue
Favorite snack:  Goldfish
Favorite zoo (fair) animal:  zebras
Favorite song:  Call Me Maybe
Favorite book:  Amelia Bedelia and Bad Kitty
Best friend:  Avery, Olivia, Orelia, Alex, Mitchell
Favorite cereal:  Apple Jacks
Favorite thing to do outside:  play house
Favorite drink:  Kool-aid and Capri Sun
Favorite holiday:  Easter
What I want to be when I grow up:  a traveler
Favorite thing to do with Mommy:  play outside
Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  wrestle
Favorite store:  American Girl
What makes me happy:  playing
What makes me sad:  when I get really bad leg aches
What I like about Daddy:  when he holds me
What I like about Mommy:  when we play outside together
What I like about Norah:  when we play Barbies together
What I like about Sadie:  when we cuddle each other
Now that I'm 8:  I almost get to go out of my car seat (booster)

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