Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rainbow birthday party

We were so excited this year that everyone was healthy for our joint birthday party for the girls!  We had everyone come up for lunch on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.  Lots were able to make it:  my parents, Greg, Rose Mary, and Jenny; Dave's parents; both of my grandmas; Miriam, Mara, and Gavin; and Lori, Jon, Dave, and Lea Ann.  This year's theme was a rainbow theme.  I had made some tissue paper decorations and rainbow tutus for the girls and my parents brought rainbow flowers as well.  We just had sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, and an assortment of rainbow veggies and fruits for lunch (plus M&Ms, Starburst jellybeans, and rainbow Goldfish to munch on).  Rainbow cupcakes were the birthday dessert, and those didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but still tasted yummy and looked fun on the inside.  The girls were given lots of nice gifts, and we really enjoyed the time to catch up with family.  They loved having Gavin to play with!  Unfortunately, the roads were pretty bad in Iowa for everyone's drive home, so we were happy to hear that everyone had made it home okay.

We went out to supper at Davanni's with my family, swam at the hotel that my parents were staying at, then came back to play a couple of games.  Greg and Rose Mary spent the night at our house, and we drove them back up to Burnsville to ride up to the airport with my dad.  Greg and Dave took the girls swimming once more before everyone had to leave.  We loved spending the weekend with family!

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