Thursday, March 3, 2016

Norah is 4!

Norah's birthday was on a Thursday this year, which meant work for me and school for Abby.  That meant waking Norah up early (even though she stayed home with Dave all day) to blow out birthday candles and open presents.  I don't think she minded too much, since she was able to then have birthday cake before 7 a.m...  Norah's main present this year was a Radio Flyer Ziggle.  The girls had used one at a friend's house, so it seemed like something fun that they both could use in our basement or outside this summer.

For supper that night, we went to Chuck E. Cheese and met up with Jenny and Tracy.  The girls had a blast playing games and going on the little kiddie rides.  

On the afternoon of Abby's poetry jam (the week after Norah's birthday), I made an appointment for Norah for her 4-year check up with Dr. Mark.  Abby went up with my parents to visit my sister after her poetry jam, so Norah had both Dave and I along for the doctor visit.  The nurse was being silly with her, and Norah said at one point, "I can't stop laughing!"  She didn't have to have any shots this time, so it was a quick and easy visit. 

Here are her stats:

Height:  38 in. (15th percentile)
Weight:  30.38 lb. (13th percentile)
Personality/interests:  sweet, but definitely has a sassy/independent side--loves to do things the way she wants them done, LOVES her big sister but can be a little bossy or sensitive if Abby isn't doing things the way she wants, loves to make people laugh, loves anything sweet, loves the color red; enjoys dancing (we'll see how the recital goes in May!) and going to her ECFE class each week, loves playing Barbies, dollhouse, and still loves coloring; has lots of stuffed animals in her bed, but her main favorite is her yellow robot

It's sounds cliche, but it really is crazy that she is 4!  We had her preschool screening in February (where she definitely showed her true personality) and she's signed up for preschool starting in the fall, then kindergarten the next year.  She's growing up so fast!

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