Tuesday, August 18, 2015

College cabin weekend

Our college friend cabin weekend was tough to schedule this summer...everyone was so busy!  We nailed down an August weekend, but Dave had to work, Bill stayed back to work on their new house, and the Brekkes couldn't make it.  The rest of us had fun, and the girls and I were able to stay with Kristina and her kids for a couple of extra days.  Friday was HOT!  We set up the tents and decided to go for an evening lake swim just to cool off before going to sleep.  The kids didn't mind one bit!

Saturday was another hot day, so it was perfect for taking the pontoon out to the beach for swimming and a picnic.

Unfortunately, we ended up getting bad weather that night...I was in a tent with Abby, Norah, and Harold.  Abby woke up first as the lightning/thunder got bad.  Harold was next, and we watched videos and watched the radar on my phone until the lightning had passed for a little bit and it was just raining.  We woke up Norah and the kids loaded up all of their sleeping stuff into their sleeping bags and made a run for it into the house before the next part of the storm started.  We slept on the living room floor/couch the rest of the night...quite an adventure!

Matt, Katherine, Harold, and Marcus took off on Sunday late morning.  Kristina and I ended up visiting the beach with the kids Sunday and Monday, even though by Monday the water was warmer than the air.  The girls and I headed out Tuesday after breakfast.

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