Thursday, July 2, 2015


This year was Norah's first year that she was old enough for toddler t-ball through community education.  She was not so excited...very clingy, didn't want to really do anything...  She would only run during the warm-ups if I ran with her, and was not into practicing any of the things the coach was having them do.  During the first night, she did manage to go up and hit the ball when they ended with a little hitting/running bases.  She ran to first, but wouldn't run to second when she was supposed to, because the coach had set down a baseball glove instead of a base since he forgot the bases.  Later she told us, "it's not a base", so she wasn't going to run to it.  The coach picked her up and ran with her to second base.

The last night of t-ball, they spent the whole time taking turns hitting and running bases, and Norah did a great job hitting for not really doing much for the previous few weeks.  She was excited for her freezie at the end of the night, too.

Not sure if t-ball is in Norah's future...we'll see if her feelings have changed at all next summer!

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