Thursday, July 9, 2015

Little House on the River camp

Abby and her friend Olivia had fun traveling back in time at Little House on the River camp at The Landing in Shakopee.  It was a 3-day, all-day camp, and they did many fun activities to pretend they were back in the time of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Abby loved doing some cooking, making a clothespin doll, going to school in the one-room schoolhouse, and showing us the little village when we came to pick her up on the last day.  Norah and I managed to find some fun in the days that Abby was at camp--she and her friend Henry went to a movie and had a picnic at a nearby park one day, and another day we went up to visit my friend Kristina and her two kids.  We finished up most of the Little House series last summer, but still have The First Four Years and These Happy Golden Years to read.  We just haven't gotten back into the series since last summer, but have really been enjoying reading the Ramona books this summer.  Here are some pictures from the last afternoon at camp:

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