Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good Earth

Ever since Dave and I worked at Good Earth Village together, I've looked forward to the day when we could send our kids to camp.  It's such a special place for us--where we met and got to know each other, got married, went to family camp as newlyweds...  It was so much fun to bring Abby there for her first overnight camp experience this summer.  She was so excited to go, and to bring her friend Olivia with her.  They had a blast creek splashing, playing games, hiking, singing, and making new friends.  They eased into the camp experience by staying in the air-conditioned log lodge, and only had one other girl in their cabin besides the two of them.  We picked them up the next afternoon and they shared a short worship with us where we were able to hear some of the songs they learned in their short time at camp.  I was excited that a former day-camp camper of mind (ironically also named Bethany) was the leader of their program.  Abby tells us she is ready to stay two nights next summer!

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