Saturday, July 25, 2015

Connor's visit

My cousin Connor came to visit us again this summer, the week after Watermelon Day.  Even though he will be 16 in September, he still is willing to come up and be an honorary big brother to the girls, and they love it!  We didn't do as much as we usually do when he's here, but we:

*went to Norah's swimming lessons each night
*went swimming at my friend Tiffany's family pool
*went to the arboretum with Tiffany, Henry, and Olivia and checked out the Lego sculptures and the hedge maze
*went to the giant candy store
*visited lots of parks
*went to the library
*checked out the Rice County fair

Connor of course got to play lots of "house, "wedding", "baby Gavin" and other made-up things like that, since that has been the play of summer at our house, all day, every day.  He was a trooper!  He and Abby enjoyed going fishing with Dave on the last night he was at our house--they even caught some walleye!

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