Thursday, June 25, 2015


Our church joined up with the Catholic church in town for another great week at VBS this summer!  Abby and her friend Olivia were in a group together, and Norah and I worked in the nursery again, this time with my friend Kaysie.  The theme this year was all about the town of Nazareth during Jesus' time.  The kids in VBS made some neat crafts and even had a little petting zoo on the last day.  They did a great job sharing several songs at their program on Thursday.  Since the nursery kids went to the opening/closing each day and we listened to the CD in the car to/from VBS each day, Norah knew the songs pretty well, too, so she wanted to join her friend Addy up front at the program.  She can't wait until next year, when she's old enough to go to VBS as well!

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