Saturday, June 13, 2015


We just got back a couple of days ago from our annual June fishing trip with Dave's family...the laundry is done, the pictures are uploaded, and it finally feels like we are ready to start summer!  This year, Dave and I went to a Twins game the Friday night before fishing with a group from my school to celebrate a friend who is battling cancer for the third time.  Since we were out late, that meant for a later wake-up and start time for our trip up north.  It was no big deal, though, because that Saturday was rainy too rainy to really fish.  Dave and his dad did end up bailing out the boat and going out for a little bit that night.  Dave's sister, Tracy, came for just the weekend, and the girls loved hanging out with her.  We settled into a good routine while we were up there--Abby got up at 6 with Dave and his dad to do some morning fishing while Dave's mom, Norah, and I slept in a little bit.  After a late breakfast, we'd fish until late afternoon when we'd come back to Eagle Lake for naps/quiet time.  After supper, the girls were then up for fishing again until 8:30 or 9 since the evenings were so nice.  The weather was warm enough for the girls and Dave's mom to do some swimming at Eagle Lake, and also for a quick afternoon trip to Buffalo River State Park to check out their sand-bottom swimming pond.  It was perfect for the hot day on Tuesday!  We also enjoyed stopping at a cute little malt shop on the way back.

On the drive home on Thursday, it was beautiful--sunny and 70s--but we knew it was rainy and chilly at home, so we decided to stop and picnic at Charles A. Lindbergh State Park on the way home (and cross off state park #18 on our passport).  It was pretty buggy, but fun to check out a trail and see a couple of historic buildings.

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