Saturday, May 16, 2015


Our spring weekends ended up being a little busier than expected this May due to dance.  Abby isn't in a pre-competition or competition group, but her teacher saw some potential in their group and thought it might be fun for them to try a competition with their tap routine, "Rockin' Little Angel."  The week before the competition, several of the studio's younger groups performed at a local assisted living center/nursing home for the residents.  They loved it, and it was a great practice for the kids, too.  The next weekend was the competition.  It was interesting experiencing a competition in person, and fun to see everyone perform.  I can't imagine spending an entire weekend there, though!  The girls ended up doing great--they earned two awards for first place, a high point, and a judge's choice award.  I'm not sure how all of the scoring works, but it was fun for the group to get a trophy and certificate and each of the girls to get a star pin.

The dance recital was the following weekend, and that was fun and went well, too.  I volunteered Friday night, and then my parents and sister, Dave's parents and sister, Dave, Norah, and I all watched the show on Saturday night.

It's nice to have the summer to take a little break from it all--Abby did decide she wants to keep dancing next year, and Norah is old enough to start next year, too.  We also found out that Abby's group is going to perform their tap dance at the Dozinky Days variety show in September...hopefully she will remember the routine!

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