Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jessica's wedding

On May 30th, we were excited to celebrate my cousin Jessica at her wedding.  Abby was especially excited, since Jessica had asked her to be her flower girl!  Since school ended on May 21st for Abby, she was able to head down to Iowa early with my mom to help decorate for the reception and go to the dress rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Dave, Norah, and I drove down on Saturday morning, stopping in Webster City to have lunch with my grandma, dad, sister, and brother.  Later that afternoon, we headed to Story City for the traditional Carlson cousin wedding picture before the wedding started.  The wedding was beautiful, and Abby did a great job standing up front and holding my cousin Erin's bouquet during the vows/unity candle lighting.  After the wedding, Abby was most excited for the limo ride.  It was just a short couple of blocks to the antique carousel, where both Abby and Norah got to ride with the wedding party and had a few pictures taken.  The wedding party (including Abby) then took another short ride to a nearby bridge for a few more pictures.  We drove Abby to the reception so the wedding party could pop the champagne for the rest of the limo ride.  The girls had a blast at the reception--Abby loved being able to sit up front at the head table and Norah started dancing the night away during dinner.  Both girls lasted quite awhile on the dance floor before we called it a night and went to the hotel we were staying at for the night in Ames.  The girls slept in (!) and we had fun swimming at the hotel pool before heading home.  The memories of the wedding are still strong as the girls have an obsession with playing wedding...acting it out with everyone on our fishing trip at any down time, at the state park we stopped at on the way home, and now with their Barbies nonstop!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Field trip and end of 1st grade!

Dave was able to join Abby for a field trip to the zoo during the last week of school.  He was definitely worn out at the end of the day, but they had a good time.

Above is Abby and her teacher, Mrs. Fischer--Abby's regular teacher took a medical leave at the end of January due to some issues related to mold allergies, so Mrs. Fischer was there from February on.  Abby's a pretty flexible kid, so she didn't seem too affected by the change.

Abby ended her school year a couple of days later, on May 21st this year.  They got out early because of construction at the middle school.  Abby was excited to be able to spend a couple of weeks at daycare since I was still in school.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Our spring weekends ended up being a little busier than expected this May due to dance.  Abby isn't in a pre-competition or competition group, but her teacher saw some potential in their group and thought it might be fun for them to try a competition with their tap routine, "Rockin' Little Angel."  The week before the competition, several of the studio's younger groups performed at a local assisted living center/nursing home for the residents.  They loved it, and it was a great practice for the kids, too.  The next weekend was the competition.  It was interesting experiencing a competition in person, and fun to see everyone perform.  I can't imagine spending an entire weekend there, though!  The girls ended up doing great--they earned two awards for first place, a high point, and a judge's choice award.  I'm not sure how all of the scoring works, but it was fun for the group to get a trophy and certificate and each of the girls to get a star pin.

The dance recital was the following weekend, and that was fun and went well, too.  I volunteered Friday night, and then my parents and sister, Dave's parents and sister, Dave, Norah, and I all watched the show on Saturday night.

It's nice to have the summer to take a little break from it all--Abby did decide she wants to keep dancing next year, and Norah is old enough to start next year, too.  We also found out that Abby's group is going to perform their tap dance at the Dozinky Days variety show in September...hopefully she will remember the routine!