Thursday, April 2, 2015


Abby turned seven on April 2--I know it's cliche, but those seven years have really gone SO fast!  I was off for spring break, but Abby still had school.  She brought Gushers to share with the kids in her class for her birthday treat, then I picked her up from school and we headed to Chuck E. Cheese in Burnsville to meet up with my parents for a birthday supper.  The girls had a blast and we also enjoyed the "zebra" cake that I had made for Abby's birthday.

We didn't do a big friend party this year, but Abby had her friend Olivia over for a sleepover one night.  The girls had such a great time playing and watching a movie, and went to bed so nicely.

Here are Abby's stats from her 7-year checkup with Dr. Mark:  weight--43 pounds (30th percentile) and height--47.5 inches (50th percentile).

At age 7, Abby is doing well in school, loves to read, gets along with Norah...sometimes :/, but still is pretty cautious about lots of things (riding a bike, heights, etc.).  So thankful for our sweet girl!

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