Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Norah is 3!

Norah had her golden birthday on March 3rd!  Unfortunately/fortunately, Abby was home sick with the flu, which meant I was able to stay home with both girls.  Norah wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pizza for supper, which we still did despite the fact that we were all crossing our fingers that everyone else wouldn't catch the flu.  Norah ended up with it the next day, but at least wasn't sick on her actual birthday!  We just went in today for her 3-year checkup, and she's weighing in at 26 pounds, 9 ounces (10th percentile) and her height is exactly 3 feet (25th percentile).  She continues to be our little peanut, but she is definitely a big personality in a little body.  You will often find her singing and making up songs, reading, making sure everything is put away and organized, or trying to play with Abby's toys.  Norah still loves fruit the best, and has especially become a fan of making fruit smoothies.  She loves going to ECFE on Wednesdays, but still hasn't warmed up to going to Sunday School without me there, too.  It's been fun to see Norah pick up on new vocabulary and say some of the funniest things.  We are so blessed with Norah!

Last month, I asked Norah a few "interview" questions so we could document what Norah likes best at age 3.  Here goes:

Favorite color:  red
Least favorite color:  white
Favorite book:  Peter Cottontail
Favorite fruit:  "vegetables" (or oranges/clementines)
Favorite TV show:  Sofia the First
Favorite movie:  Tangled
Favorite food:  mac and cheese
Favorite lunch:  peanut butter and jelly
Favorite thing to wear:  Elsa dress jammies (nightgown)
Favorite snack:  Goldfish
Favorite zoo animal:  zebra and tiger
Best friend:  Abby, Harper
Favorite cereal:  Lucky Charms
Favorite drink:  milk
Thing she likes to do with Mommy:  play with her
Thing she likes to do with Daddy:  read a book with Daddy
Thing she likes to do with Abby:  sit with her

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