Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beach Party

Last Saturday, we enjoyed having some family members up for the girls' birthday party.  Unfortunately, we had just gotten over a week of sickness (more flu/cold), but were able to get better and deep clean/sanitize the house to have people over.  Abby decided she wanted a beach theme, so we had a lunch with beach picnic-y kinds of food, sand buckets with snacks in them, flip flop lights, and wall decorations.  My mom made cupcakes, which we decorated with blue frosting and crushed nilla wafers for sand/ocean water, with teddy grahams on beach towels or floaties.  Both of my grandmas were able to come, as well as my aunt Lori and uncle Jon, my aunt Mara, and my parents/sister.  A small crew, but we had fun catching up.  We love time with family!

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