Saturday, December 6, 2014

Visiting Santa

This year, I thought it would be nice if Dave could join us when the girls saw Santa (usually we go to a local realtor's office to get a free picture with Santa, and Dave has to work that weekend).  Dave happened to be home the week of Thanksgiving, so he picked up the girls from daycare and met me at my school that Tuesday.  We drove to the Mall of America and caught the light rail up to downtown Minneapolis to go to the Macy's Santaland display.  We hadn't taken Norah before, and it had been awhile since Abby had seen it.  They both loved it, and were excited to see Santa...until we got into the room with him.  Abby jumped right on his lap, but Norah got scared and wanted nothing to do with him.  We convinced her to sit next to him for a picture, but she wouldn't talk to him.  We still got a great picture that reminded us of when Abby was 1 and we got a picture taken with the Macy's Santa and she was crying and trying to escape his lap.  After the Santa visit, the girls had fun writing letters to Santa in the toy shop.  They especially enjoyed the gingerbread cookies on the light rail ride back to the mall.

The girls and I did end up going to see Santa again with Dave's mom at the realtor's office the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This time, Norah worked up the courage to actually sit on his lap AND ask him for the Elsa "dress jammies" that she wanted.  She was confused when we were walking away about why he didn't give them to her right then and there.  :)

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