Sunday, October 19, 2014

MEA Break--Parks with the Clarks part two

We had such a great time on our MEA trip to our friend Tiffany and Pat's family cabin.  The girls and I met up with their family for a picnic lunch at Lake Maria State Park first.  The fall colors were BEAUTIFUL here and we had a great time hiking around and taking in the sights.  Norah trailed everyone and wanted to pick up every...single...acorn along the path.  Her pockets were pretty full!

Dave met up with us at the cabin, and we enjoyed spending two nights there.  The kids played together so well, and Henry and Norah especially enjoyed hide and seek.

We visited another state park--Glendalaugh State Park.  We hiked around and looked at the historical building there.  The colors were pretty, but not quite as vibrant as Lake Maria.  We were hoping to check out the yurts there, but it was too long of a hike for a chilly day.

We had a blast, and are so thankful for such wonderful friends!

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