Sunday, August 3, 2014

Visiting Dave

Sadly, we have only made it up to visit Dave once this summer, although he has been home every other time he has a day off.  We headed up on a Thursday afternoon, and stayed at a friend's family cabin that night and the next.  On Friday, we met up with Dave at one of the parks he works at, Hill Annex Mine State Park.  It has a small office/museum/gift shop that we checked out, then we took the first tour to the fossil hunting area.  A bus takes you out to a site and you get some time to search for fossils.  The girls had fun digging through the red rock/dirt and finding some snail shells and other treasures.  After the fossil hunt, we had time for a quick picnic lunch before our mine tour.  For the mine tour, you take a bus and see the different machines/buildings and get out a few times for pictures.  Norah took a snooze on the way back on the bus.

On Saturday, we packed up and went first to Schoolcraft State Park and found a campsite and set up our tent.  We then drove up to Dave's main park, Scenic State Park, and saw the building Dave lives in, met his boss and another coworker in the main office, and took a hike on one of the main trails there.  After the hike, we went for a swim at the beach area.

After swimming, we got changed and drove back to Schoolcraft for the night.  We enjoyed some pie iron pizzas for supper, then hiked along the Mississippi River.  We came back to our campfire for s'mores, then just after we put the girls to bed in the tent, it started to rain and storm (we had just taken the rain fly off of the tent because we thought it was going to be a nice night!).  That ended our campfire time...Dave and I were looking forward to just relaxing by the fire, but oh well...  It rained throughout the night, but was a nice morning when we woke up.  We packed up and headed to town for lunch at a pizza place Dave likes.  Hopefully we can make it up to visit Dave again either Labor Day weekend or in September sometime!

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