Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swimming lessons

We've spent our evenings for the last three weeks driving to Montgomery for swimming lessons.  The girls have LOVED them, but I'm looking forward to some weeknights at home!  This was Abby's first year that she could do level 1, and she spent two weeks learning several strokes and gaining confidence in the water.  Unfortunately, I missed the last two sessions, but she took her test and passed to level 2 and even jumped off of the diving board (which she had refused to do earlier in the week). 

Norah had a week of "water babies" class and loved being in the water.  Her favorite was circle time when they got to sing songs in the water.  Dave was home the first night and swam with her; otherwise I swam with her and Abby sat on the bench and took some blurry phone pictures.  We celebrated the end of lessons on Friday by eating at a cute little pizza parlor in town.

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