Friday, April 4, 2014

Ben and Kelly's wedding

Two weeks ago, we traveled to Champaign, Illinois for my cousin Ben and his now wife Kelly's wedding.  We lucked out with great traveling weather, but didn't get the warm temperatures we were hoping for in southern Illinois--oh well!  First off, a crazy traveling before we left, Dave asked Abby to go to the bathroom.  Abby said she had already gone, and Norah piped up with, "My go potty!".  Didn't think too much about it...Dave got the girls loaded up, I checked the lights and picked up a little bit.  Found a dry (what I thought was new) diaper in the bathroom and assumed Norah had brought one in there to change into after she "went potty", so put it back in her diaper caddy.  Fast forward a little bit--we picked up my sister and transferred to my parents' car in Rochester, traveled through Wisconsin and just made a couple of quick bathroom stops.  When others were getting out, Norah said, "My go potty!" but Dave told her, "No, you go in your diaper".  Fast forward even further...around 7, we stopped for supper.  My sister noticed that Norah was really wet as she was getting her out of her car seat.  We realized that Norah hadn't had a diaper on since we left our house at 1:00!  Rode in the car WITHOUT A DIAPER from 1-7...  We quickly got her changed into her pajamas and I tried to clean the car seat as best as I could for the rest of our ride.  Silly girl had pretended to go potty at home and had left her dry diaper on the bathroom floor, and pulled up her pants so we didn't even notice.

Anyway, we arrived after 10:30 and had fun meeting my cousin Sarah's new baby, Gavin.  The girls were enamored!

On Saturday, we had fun swimming at the hotel, playing games, and enjoyed some lunch and a nap before the wedding.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the same place, and it was very beautiful.  Afterward, they served breakfast food for dinner (pancakes, bacon, sausages, fruit, egg bake) and the dads showed a slide show.  The girls had a blast dancing and getting pictures taken in the photo booth.  They were almost the last ones on the dance floor when we left around 10:45.

After breakfast and a quick swim on Sunday, we headed back to Minnesota--a pretty quiet car ride home, thankfully!

We are bummed that we missed out on another wedding that weekend--Dave's cousin Jenny's.  Wish we could have been in two places at once!

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