Friday, April 4, 2014

American Girl

Last Saturday, Dave's mom and sister met up with the girls and me at the American Girl store at the Mall of America.  For Christmas/birthday last year, they bought Abby her "Julie" doll, and this year's Christmas/birthday gift from Tracy was to get her hair styled and ears pierced.  We dropped her off at the "salon" and by the time we came back after eating lunch, the "stylist" was just starting to do her hair.  Abby had so much fun watching.  Afterward, Norah got to pick out a Bitty Baby doll (Tracy's Christmas/birthday gift to her).  Norah was so proud to carry the big box to the checkout all by herself.

Unfortunately, we've had to learn how to get crayon off of Bitty Baby...twice!  Norah colored on her on the way back from the birthday party on Sunday and then again on the way home from daycare on Monday.  We tried a baby wipe, water, baking soda/water, until Dave got home and suggested a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...did the trick!

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