Monday, March 10, 2014


Norah turned two a week ago!  Life is moving so fast...I can't believe that I no longer have a baby, but a toddler.  Norah has the biggest personality--so sweet, feisty, independent, smart, funny...the list could go on!  She is definitely an entertainer and loves to sing and dance.  Her favorites to sing are songs from Frozen, Sunshine (You are my Sunshine), and the ABCs.  She loves her babies, and was so thrilled to get many new doll items for her birthday this year.  She loves to be doing whatever Abby is doing (playing dollhouse, Barbies, etc.), so is bummed when Abby closes her door in need of some time away.  Norah is definitely our persistent child.  If she has an idea in mind of how something should be done, she will make sure it happens that way.  When Abby has homework, Norah insists that she needs to be doing homework as well.  Hopefully that trait continues as she gets older!  As Norah's stubborn and independent side continues to get stronger, we are trying to figure out ways to pick our battles, use choices, and remain patient during meltdowns!  She is not the greatest sleeper, and seems to wake up easily in the middle of the night.  She goes in streaks--a bad week, then a couple of good weeks, etc.  We thought that taking away her pacifier (her "nigh-night") might help her settle herself down easier in the middle of the night (because then she wouldn't need us to find it for her).  We took it away a couple of weeks ago, and it was a rough first two nights, but got much better!  She and Dave have a routine where she insists they need to "bock-a-bye" (lay on the couch or chair) before she can go to bed.  She also needs her blankie and two "bobots" (pink robot lovies).  She's getting much better about sitting and reading books for a longer time.  ECFE is going much better since our rocky start in the fall...for Norah, she needs to get into a routine and that is what has seemed to help her adjust.  We are thankful for her class's para, Lisa, who reached out to Norah early on and formed a bond with her.  Now Norah is so excited to see "Wisa" every Thursday night.  Norah's latest thing lately is to want to ride the rocking horse my parents gave us for Christmas and "show Grandpa".  Basically, she wants to Skype anyone who is around and show them how fast she can go on her horse.  Norah has become kind of a picky eater, but loves fruit and anything sweet she can convince someone to give her.  We'll go in next Friday for her 2-year checkup and I'll update her weight/height.  We love our sweet little Norah!

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