Monday, March 10, 2014

Puppy party

Lots of catching up to do!  We'll start from this past weekend and try to work backwards if I can...

With Norah and Abby's birthdays just a month apart and family traveling from Iowa, etc., a joint birthday party seems to work out the best.  We always enjoy having people come up to our house to celebrate, and it's a fun excuse to plan a little theme and make some fun treats.  This year, Abby thought that Norah should have a puppy party, since she loves dogs.  We were going to possibly throw in some Hello Kitty for Abby, but decided it would be easier to just stick with puppies.  I found a cute cupcake idea in a cookbook and kept the rest of it pretty simple--found a tablecloth, plates, napkins, and bought some coordinating cups, straws, etc.  We borrowed a friend's plastic dog bowls that she had used for her daughter's puppy birthday party in the fall.  We had hot dogs, puppy chow, Scooby snacks, plus other picnicky foods.  My sister made puppy cookies to enjoy with our puppy cupcakes.  My grandmas and three of my aunts, in addition to my parents, Dave's parents, my brother, sister, and cousin came up for the party.  The girls were spoiled with many wonderful gifts and we were lucky to have my brother, cousin, and two of my aunts spend the night so we could enjoy some game-playing time.  We also lucked out with the weather--after months of terrible-weather weekends, the weather this weekend was perfect!

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