Sunday, November 10, 2013


We had a fun time celebrating Halloween this year!  It started off the weekend before Halloween with the ECFE Halloween party.  Abby has always shied away from the games, but this year she enjoyed playing several and collecting sticker prizes.  Norah wasn't quite so sure, but did play a couple.  As always, the story/song time was a huge hit!  We didn't stay too long, since it had been a busy week, but the girls had fun!

Abby had a Halloween Party at school, and actually got to wear her costume all day.  She decided that she wanted to be a fairy at school, and then she'd change into her pig costume for trick or treating at night.  I wish I could have volunteered at her party, but I'm glad Dave was able to.  He helped out at a pumpkin math station.

The girls scored big trick-or-treating!  Dave decided to join us since we get so few trick-or-treaters.  We just left a bowl of candy outside of our door.  Abby took the lead walking up to each door and ringing the doorbell.  At a few houses, Norah walked behind her and got some candy.  Mostly though, she just wanted me to hold her and watched Abby.

We had a TON of pumpkins/gourds this year to decorate with.  Someone Dave works with let us pick several from his garden, and my uncle took us pumpkin picking in one of his fields when we were in Iowa in early October.  We split up the carving between the Sunday and Wednesday before Halloween.  Norah and Abby aren't interested in pulling out the insides of the pumpkins, but they decorated a couple with stickers and Abby chose some designs/drew a face to carve on a couple.

At the end of the night, Abby was SO hopeful that a trick-or-treater would come to our door so she could hand out candy.  We really don't get many, and the few came while we were out.  I was putting her to bed when the doorbell rang--Dave had dressed up as Prince Charming and was coming to "trick or treat" so that Abby could hand out some candy.  Abby was excited!