Sunday, September 8, 2013


Abby started Kindergarten on Tuesday, and she is loving it!  After debating for a long time about what to do/where to send her, we decided to stay at Lori's for daycare and send her to Jordan.  With their free all-day/every day Kindergarten, it is definitely a huge money-saver, and we are just not quite ready to part with Lori yet.

Abby had her open house the Thursday before Labor Day.  She was quiet and shy, but excited to meet her teacher, Ms. Olson.  She found her cubby and put away all of her school supplies, found her table spot, and had fun looking around the room.  She was especially excited about the dollhouse/kitchen area.  We had a hot wait for pictures, but it was nice to get that done at open house.

On Tuesday, it was a bright and early morning at Lori's.  Abby's buddies Avery and Jacob are also starting Kindergarten this year, so their moms and dads were there along with Dave and I to see them get on the bus.  I was doing fine until I looked back and saw Lori crying, but Abby was all confidence as she got right on the bus and waved goodbye from the window.

She has LOVED everything about school so far this week.  She's had school lunch a couple of times, is choosing her snack each day off of the healthy snack cart, loves seeing her daycare friends at recess and on the bus rides, was SO excited to check out a library book during Media, and she can't wait to go back tomorrow.  Let's hope the excitement continues!

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  1. Fun! Excited to talk with you two about it in person and share stories. So sweet that Lori was in tears!