Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fair time

Just like last year, Dave's mom thought it would be fun to have Abby enter some things in the Freeborn County Fair this year.  With Dave's dad's health being rocky this summer, we didn't get organized until the very last minute this year.  Dave's parents came up the weekend before the fair, and we got some pictures Abby had taken this summer ordered, chose/worked on some projects, and picked some vegetables from our garden that Abby and Dave have worked so hard on this summer.  In the end, she had way more entries than last year, and did very well.  Mostly blue ribbons, several red, and even a grand champion ribbon for her yellow wax beans, a reserve champion ribbon for some of her photos, and a horticulture award for having the most entries for her age group in the floral/garden building.  She ended up making $53!

We checked out the fair and got her picture taken for the Albert Lea paper a week ago from Thursday, then went back with Dave last Sunday to spend the day at the fair.  Norah LOVED petting the baby piglets and Abby kept working on convincing us that we need a kitten (never going to happen).  The weather was nice and cool, the food was yummy, and we had a blast!

Mmm...Norah's first taste of mini donuts!
Too much fair...


  1. She did so well at the fair! What a load of money!

  2. Way to go, Abby! Looks like a fun time.