Monday, July 29, 2013

Game weekend at the cabin

The second weekend of July, we headed down to Iowa for our third weekend in a row of cabins...this time down to my aunt and uncle's cabin for a family game weekend.  Mara had organized a fishing contest, so Abby was all of a sudden all about the fishing--she ended up winning the prize for the most fish and the first turtle.  Dave won the big box of goldfish for the biggest fish.  

We played lots of fun games, including a Family Feud game that Mara had put together.  One of the highlights was swimming in the lake...we were going to take a pontoon ride to a deeper part of the lake to swim, but it wasn't working.  So we improvised and hooked up four kayaks to the pontoon, and Keith, Dave, Ben, and my dad pulled the pontoon to the swimming area.  We anchored and had a great time floating/swimming on Saturday.  Abby also had fun kayaking with Dave or myself and swimming in the hot tub.  On Saturday night, we enjoyed a bonfire/s'mores and more games.  

We had the perfect weather, yummy food, and great company...can't wait to do it again next year!

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