Thursday, July 4, 2013


Two weeks ago, the girls and I took a road trip to Iowa to spend a day at Adventureland with my aunts Mara and Miriam, cousin Sarah and her husband Keith, and cousin Connor.  We hopped in the car after t-ball and spent Thursday night with my grandma on the farm.  We got up and headed over to pick up Miriam on Friday morning, and to see the progress on their new house--can't wait to see it finished!  We got to Adventureland before the others, so stopped for a quick picture with a couple of their mascots and took a ride on the carousel.

Once everyone else arrived, we took a quick ride on the train:

It started to rain after we got off the train, just a little bit a first, then a downpour.  We took shelter in a little eating area and enjoyed some mini donuts and funnel cake while we waited for the downpour to slow down. Luckily, it did, and we were able to go on some more rides after that.

We enjoyed some lunch while watching a magic show, then waited in line to ride the Raging River.  We assured Abby there wouldn't be any big hills, but she still thought the small "hills" were a little scary.  She wasn't so sure about getting wet, either, but she survived:

We did a couple more rides before checking out the water park in the afternoon.

Abby had fun in the splash pad and kiddie slide area with Connor and Mara, and Norah and I checked out the lazy river.  We found a wave pool and kiddie pool to hang out in for awhile, too.  Abby, Connor, and Mara sat at the swim-up bar in the kiddie pool where they enjoyed some Cheetos and watched a Disney movie.

We were pretty tired out after the water, so decided to head out--stopping by the bumper cars and frog hopper ride again.  Luckily, we were able to spend the night at Mara and Bryan's house, so we didn't have far to drive that night.  After a yummy pizza supper, Abby wanted to have a movie night--she cuddled up with Miriam while Norah showed off how crazy she can get when she's overtired.

We had a great stay--games at night and garage sales in the morning, fun times with family.  Can't wait to see everyone again in a week for the cabin game weekend!

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  1. What great memories you create with your extended family! It's wonderful!