Friday, July 26, 2013

3rd of July

So, once again, I ended up way behind with several posts for the month of July...our camera cord to upload pictures to our computer got left at a friend's cabin at the beginning of the month, and I just got it back yesterday.  So, time to play catch up with a few posts from our busy month!

We have started a fun little tradition with Dave's family for the 4th (or 3rd, really) of July--we went down to Albert Lea for some swimming at the pool and the Albert Lea 4th of July parade.  Last year, it was so hot that the pool was really crowded.  This year, the weather was just perfect and maybe a little cool for some to swim, so the pool wasn't busy at all.  The perfect weather was great for the parade--as always, Dave's mom staked out great seats days ahead of time.  Norah even sat still for the entire parade, which is pretty amazing!  Abby loaded up on enough parade candy to last us the entire summer.

After the parade, we drove back home to catch the tail end of a part hosted by our friends, the Guses.  We are bummed that we missed all of the fun treats and activities earlier, but we got in on the Chinese lanterns (very cool!), fireworks, and some late-night bouncy house fun.

The actual 4th of July wasn't as exciting...Dave worked, the girls and I went to a little parade in a nearby town, we set up the kiddie pool/sprinkler, and watched fireworks from a nearby town on our porch.

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