Monday, June 17, 2013


Okay, last post and I think I'm all caught up for now...

Back at the beginning of my spring break (last week of March), we had my aunts and cousin up for a game weekend...when Saturday morning, I ended up taking Norah into the doctor for a high fever that wouldn't go away, a raspy cough, and ear pain.  The doctor who was on duty gave her several tests, and her RSV test came back positive (she also had a bad double ear infection).  We were given a nebulizer and instructions on how to use it, and some antibiotics for her ears.  Poor girl had to have 3 neb treatments a day for 5 days...needless to say, our spring "break" wasn't the most fun, but at least I was home already and had lots of time for snuggles and healing.  Hopefully we won't have to break out the nebulizer anytime again soon!

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