Sunday, June 16, 2013


Abby's year of preschool ended a few weeks ago, at the end of May.  Here is a picture of Abby with her favorite teacher, Miss Britt:

And with Lisa, her class's para:

We were fortunate to be able to carpool with our friends, the Guse's, this year.  The car rides with Abby and her buddy Alex were always entertaining.

Her preschool wasn't a traditional one--it met one evening each week--but it was a nice option for us since we couldn't get Abby to a daytime preschool with work.  The first Tuesday of each month was a parent night, where one of us went along with Abby and spent the first 45 minutes with her, then the last part in a special parent time.  For the May parent night, they had a pizza picnic at a local park.  Abby and Norah had a lot of fun, especially at circle time.  Mary, the parent ed teacher and also Norah's ECFE teacher, commented that she had never seen Norah sit still for so long.  She was mesmerized by all of the big kids and the songs.

Abby was sad to say goodbye to Miss Britt, since she's been her teacher for 3 years now.  Luckily, she'll be Norah's teacher next year at ECFE and Abby will be ready for bigger and better things in kindergarten!

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