Monday, June 17, 2013

Family craft weekend

Inspired by my trip to the "real" Craft Weekend in November, my aunts, cousin, and I thought it would be fun to have our own Craft Weekend.  At the end of April, we gathered at Miriam's for some crafts, games, freezer meal making, and even some thrifting.  Each of us picked out a craft, and we mainly worked on those on Saturday.  We made a photo board using an old picture frame, a necklace, a chalkboard painted pot for herbs or flowers, a travel toothbrush/toiletries caddy made out of a hand towel, and a table runner.  Throughout the weekend, we also put together freezer meals (each of us came up with a recipe to share)--chicken wild rice soup, steak fajitas, mini meatloaves, Italian chicken roll-ups, barbecue chicken, and 8-can soup.  It was especially nice to have these meals ready to go for the end of the school year.  On Saturday, we headed just a few miles to a cute little sale that was happening at a nearby barn--antiques/repurposed/handmade items and flowers/plants, etc.  I found a cute chalkboard/frame and some quilt bunting for Norah's room.  My dad and cousin Connor also joined in the fun, and were such a good help for watching/playing with Abby and Norah while we worked.  Abby enjoyed the little tent bed Miriam had set up for her in our room.  We will definitely have to have another craft weekend in the near future!

Finished product--my photo board
The girls and the projects
My necklace
Table runner
Travel caddy
Abby and Norah with my grandma--the girls are wearing dresses that Miriam and Mara wore when they were the girls' age
Norah crashed into the corner of a wall right before the end of our weekend...battle wounds!
Miriam/Abby, Grandma, Norah/Mara

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  1. I'm impressed with how much you got done in one weekend! All those crafts and food! Wow!