Sunday, June 16, 2013

American Girl

Abby had a big surprise a couple of weeks ago...Dave's sister, Tracy, who is teaching in South Korea for her second year, sent some money for Abby's birthday to buy an American Girl doll.  This has been a big wish for Abby for awhile now, and she had been saving up some of her own money to hopefully eventually have enough.  She had no idea where we were headed when Dave's mom came up and we got in the car...even when we pulled up to the Mall of America.

Once we got into the store, she still had no clue that she was going to be buying an American Girl doll--she just walked around, admiring all of the dolls and accessories with Dave's mom.  Imagine her surprise when Dave's mom sat her down and said that she could pick out her very own doll--she was SO excited!  She knew right away that she wanted Julie, a doll that her friend Avery also had.  We had a little talk about not just doing something because your friend has, but she swore that it was the one she really wanted.  As part of her birthday gift from Dave's mom and dad, she also got to pick out an outfit.  Abby loves her new doll, Julie!

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  1. How precious, and such sweet pictures. I bet I was fun seein her surprised face!