Sunday, June 16, 2013

15 months

Life with a 15-month-old has been pretty busy so far!  Norah is always on the go, chasing after Sadie (her best buddy) or trying to keep up with Abby.  She started walking just before 13 months, and hasn't let anything slow her down since!  She is extremely social and loves to entertain others.  Definitely an extrovert! She is also a big talker--it's hard to keep up with all of her new words and phrases.  Some favorites:  "more" (referring to food), "down", "Sadie good girl", "ball", "thank you", "no", "papa" (grandpa), "ssss" (when you ask her what a snake says), "woof woof woof" or "Sadie" (when referring to any dog she sees), "cheese" (when posing for a picture), and many others...she tries to repeat anything we say.  She's also good at following directions, like when we tell her it's time to brush her teeth or put on her shoes.  She likes routine and organization--loves to put things back exactly the way she thinks they should go.  She still LOVES to eat, but we have found a few things she's not so fond of, like rice.  She's adventurous when we're outside--heads for the biggest slide at the park, heads for the road or up the hill when we're at home.  As busy as she is, she is still a sweetheart, and we love the moments where she'll come plop down in our laps or lean her head on our shoulder when she's tired.  She loves her "bobot" (robot lovey), "bankie", and "nigh-night" (pacifier)--it's hard to pry her away from those when she's sad or tired.  After waiting forever for those first two teeth to come in, she's now added four more top teeth that have been painful for her.  At her 15- month check-up a couple of weeks ago, she weighed in at 18 pounds, 2 ounces (10th percentile) and was 29 1/2 inches long (15th percentile).  Here are some cute pics of our favorite 15-month-old:

Norah is having a hard time growing hair (like her daddy did at that age), but we managed to put in a bow for her "Crazy Hair Day" at daycare in May.
Norah loves her new water table that she got for her birthday!
Entertainment comes easy for a 15-month-old...putting rocks into an old dog dish

Brushing teeth is a favorite way to spend her time!

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