Saturday, April 13, 2013


Abby turned 5 on April 2nd--I meant to write this post sooner, but it seems like it's been a crazy couple of weeks!  It seems like we've been celebrating for awhile, since we had our joint birthday party in March...  We decided to celebrate as a family over my spring break, since I'd have to work on Abby's actual birthday and she'd have preschool.  We went out to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, where Abby (and Norah) had a blast playing games and going on the kiddie rides.  During Norah's afternoon nap, Abby and Dave went to see "The Croods".

On Friday of my spring break, we had a couple of Abby's friends over for a playdate.  Abby has been asking for lemonade cupcakes for the longest time for her birthday, so I was excited to find a pink lemonade cupcake mix with pink lemonade frosting.  We made them for her playdate, and they turned out pretty good--not too bad for lemonade cupcakes!

On Easter Sunday, my parents and Dave's parents came up to go to church and have Easter dinner with us while Dave worked.  We had an Easter egg hunt when Dave got home, and my parents spent the night so they could spend a special day with Abby to celebrate her birthday.

On Abby's actual birthday (April 2nd), Dave kept Abby home from daycare and they had a special "Abby" day--she planned out their day at home (lots of dollhouse, crafts, etc.).  It was parent night at preschool, so I got to go along with Abby to that.  She was excited to bring bags of goldfish to her friends with her buddies who share a birthday with her.

A couple of days later, Abby had her 5-year check-up with Dr. Mark.  We also set up a follow-up appointment for Norah at that time...she had developed RSV and a double ear infection over my spring break and was not bouncing back very well after 10 days of antibiotics...thankfully, a strong antibiotic shot seemed to do the trick, and we have an appointment set up with an ENT specialist to talk about ear tubes.

Anyway, while Norah was crying/being difficult at the doctor, the nurse took Abby away to do her hearing/vision testing, weigh her, take her temperature, etc.  She happened to be running a fever, and then also didn't pass a portion of her hearing test.  The nurse thought maybe it was an ear infection or something, but Dr. Mark said she didn't have one.  He wasn't too concerned about the hearing test, but it's something we'll keep an eye on.  Abby was very cooperative, but was REALLY anxious about her shots.  She had 4--2 in each arm.  So, after about 45 minutes of crying from Norah, Abby was crying about her shots, so Norah started sympathy crying.  Then the nurse gave Norah her big antibiotic shot, so she started crying harder, then Abby started sympathy crying...  I'm sure the other people at the clinic were so happy to see us leave!  Abby weighed in around 35 pounds (15th percentile) and was around 42 inches tall (25th percentile).  I wish I had written down the exact measurements, but it's as close as I can get with the growth charts I got.

After the doctor, we went to Chameleon Coffee for some ice cream--Abby's reward for her shots.  Abby chose "Superman" ice cream--red, yellow, and blue fruit punch flavored ice cream.  Cranky/sick Norah made for a short visit--she wanted ice cream, too, but I had no bib and she was not content with me feeding her spoonfuls--she wanted to do it herself!  Abby ended up taking her ice cream home in the car, but she was good about it.

So, five has come and gone--it's crazy to think that she's already that old!  Now that the shots are done, she is excited about being five and going to kindergarten next year.  Thankfully, we still have almost 5 months left until that!

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  1. Oh my. Those shots sound terrible. Were you there by yourself? Glad that's over! :)