Tuesday, March 5, 2013


On Sunday, we celebrated Norah's first birthday--so crazy that she's one already!  She and Abby will have birthday parties with our extended families this weekend, so we're hoping the weather cooperates!  My dad was able to fly in for a few days last week, so we had dinner with him, my mom, and my sister to celebrate Norah's birthday last Thursday night.  Norah got to enjoy her first cupcake that night--she LOVED it, and couldn't eat it fast enough!  Frosting first, of course!  On Saturday, we went to Rochester to spend the weekend with my family.  Although my dad wasn't there, my brother flew in for the weekend, so we got to see him.  We had a little birthday party for Norah on Saturday night, and she especially enjoyed her very first ice cream cone and opening a few presents.  She definitely loved the big Dumbo pillow pet that Greg got her.  Since Dave was working all weekend, we celebrated with him on Sunday night for supper.  Norah got a couple of favorites for part of our meal--mashed potatoes, blueberries--and enjoyed another cupcake for dessert.  This time, she took her time and licked off all of the frosting first, then dug in.  We had a few presents for her to open, which Abby was glad to help her with.

We can't imagine our life without our baby girl--she is growing and changing every day, and is always so happy.  She's now standing up from a sitting position anywhere, often with something in her hands and looking around to make sure someone is noticing what she's doing.  She loves to stand up, move her arms and dance.  Apparently, she took 4 or 5 steps at daycare last Thursday, but we have yet to see any walking at home.  She's close, though!  She LOVES her food--anything and everything.  Really, one of the only times she is unhappy is if we are not giving her food fast enough.  She's been doing a lot of talking lately, mostly babbling, but here and there we'll hear a few words we recognize.  She can say daddy and uh-oh the most clearly, and copies a lot of things we say (no no, "babby"--Abby, "momby"--mommy, "di di"--Sadie, puppy).  She is still a little peanut--we'll go to the doctor Friday, so I'll have to update with official stats.  Despite her size, she has a BIG personality!  Not shy at all, likes to show off, extremely busy--total opposite of Abby at this age.  One of her new things lately is that she can get really jealous of Abby if Abby is sitting in someone's lap (ours, Grandma's/Grandpa's, etc.).  She loves being outdoors, and is such a good sport with the snow--lets Abby pull her around in the sled, sleds down the hill with us, doesn't mind the cold.  Spending time outside with her this spring/summer will be a lot of fun!  We love our sweet girl, and can't believe she's 1 already!

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  1. SO FUN! Happy Birthday Norah! Can't believe she's one already! We need to get together soon!