Sunday, February 17, 2013

Magic Kingdom

Thursday morning, we woke up and had another quick breakfast in our room before catching the bus to Magic Kingdom.  We got there in time to see the characters come in on the train to open the park.  It was a perfect, beautiful day!

We headed straight back to Fantasyland, where we knew we wanted to check out the new Little Mermaid ride first, before it got too busy.  Later we realized that we should have gone to Belle's story time right away when the wait was only 15 minutes...oh well!  The Little Mermaid was lots of fun, and there were some fun things to look at while you waited to get on the ride.  We decided to do Dumbo next, Dave's mom's favorite ride, also before lines got too long.  Abby was so excited when we spotted Pluto right outside the ride, since he was the only "main" character that we hadn't gotten to see at Animal Kingdom.

After Dumbo, we did a couple more rides in Fantasyland--Peter Pan and It's a Small World (Dave's dad's favorite).

We waited in line to see Alice in Wonderland, but unfortunately, she went on a break just as we got to the front of the line.  We got to see the White Rabbit instead, and then came back to wait for Alice a little later.  Nancy gave the girls a snack while the rest of us got to go on Space Mountain.

At 11, we were supposed to meet my brother at Be Our Guest restaurant, the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant that he helped develop.  Unfortunately, he was running late and it was taking too long to get to Magic Kingdom, so he wasn't able to meet us.  He did get us an in, though--he had set up for us to meet someone he had worked with who would let us right in.  Pretty amazing, since the line was probably 2 hours long to get in.  We ordered our food outside, then got a rose (GPS tracker) to put on a table inside.  While we got drinks and looked around, they brought our food right to us.  The food there was amazing!  We would definitely like to go back sometime at dinner time, to see the special effects that Greg helped develop.

After lunch, we headed over to Frontierland to use our FastPasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Abby decided not to ride, but the rest of us had a good time!  Everyone but Norah and I then watched the Country Bear Jamboree.  Norah was still napping in her stroller, so I sat outside with her.  Our next stop was the Haunted Mansion.  This has always been one of my favorite rides, but it didn't go so well this time.  Lots of technical difficulties, so we were stopped for several minutes at a time a few times.  Norah was sitting with Dave's mom and dad and did NOT like all of the stops...her screaming was not so fun to listen to.

After Haunted Mansion, we went to get some "fairy dust" for Abby for our princess dinner while Dave's parents staked out spots for the parade.

The parade was lots of fun.  Right before, we had changed Norah into her Cinderella costume, so she was noticed by a lot of the characters in the parade.  

After the parade, we had time to ride Pirates of the Caribbean quickly before going to our princess meal at Cinderella's Royal Table in the castle.  We got our picture taken with Cinderella first, then were brought up to our table.  The meal was delicious, and Abby was excited to meet several princesses.  The girls got wishing stars and magic wands to bring home.

After dinner, Nancy and Abby rode on the carousel, then we headed toward the entrance for the light parade.

After the parade, Greg met up with us.  We stayed on Main Street to watch the light display on the castle and fireworks.

Since the park was going to be open just a little bit longer, we decided to split up.  Dave's parents and sister went on Pirates of the Caribbean, and Greg, Dave, and I took the girls back to Fantasyland.  Not the smartest idea--it seemed that everyone was heading to the entrance as we tried to fight our way through the crowd.  We lost Norah's pacifier as we tried to get to Fantasyland--luckily we still had a couple back at the hotel!  We only had time to ride the Little Mermaid ride once more--they were having technical issues, so we waited for awhile, but finally got to go on it.  We split from Greg, and made it back to the bus before the end of the last light parade, so beat most of the crowd.  Luckily, Norah was able to fall asleep without her pacifier on our walk to the bus--we ended up just putting her to sleep in her clothes back at our resort.  A fun and busy day!

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  1. Oh my! I hope we can bring the kids there one day. What a blast!