Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hollywood Studios

Saturday was the day we had decided to go to Hollywood Studios.  Once again, we got up early and had a quick breakfast in our room before catching the bus.  We knew that the Toy Story ride would get busy fast, so we went straight there.  Even waiting in line was entertaining--so much fun stuff to look at!

We all loved the ride, so we decided to get FastPasses for later.  A good thing, since all FastPasses were gone by mid-afternoon!  We saw that the Toy Story character photo spot would be opening soon, so we got in line.  This was another fun area--as you wind your way back to the characters, there are spots to take your own pictures.

Abby had fun meeting Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

We found the Monsters, Inc. character spot next, and were first in line when they arrived.

After this, we decided to go ride Star Tours.  Dave's mom watched the girls while the rest of us rode.  They've updated the ride, so it's still lots of fun.  There are several different scenarios that they randomly pick, so it's different each time.  We thought that Abby would enjoy it and there wasn't much of a wait, so we took her on it with us a second time.  After the ride, we had lunch at the Backlot Express while Dave and his dad went to get us FastPasses for Rockin' Rollercoaster.  We were right by the Indiana Jones show, so after lunch, we went there--always a fun show.  We had two FastPasses to use for the afternoon, so we rode Toy Story a second time and then went on Rockin' Rollercoaster.  I had never been on an upside-down rollercoaster before, so I was pretty nervous about this one.  The scariest part is over first and it is so fast--you speed up right away and you go upside-down a couple of times at the beginning.  It was a lot of fun, and I would definitely go on it again!  We got FastPasses for the Tower of Terror before heading to get a snack and sit and wait for the parade.  Just before the parade started, we were wondering where Dave's mom was.  A group of workers was putting together a flash mob dance, and that's where we found her!

The parade was lots of fun--fun to see some different characters.

Afterwards, we had a little bit of time before the Beauty and the Beast show we wanted to go see, so Dave and I took Abby to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground.  Abby had fun checking it out!

The Beauty and the Beast show was great, and Abby loved it--lots of great singing and dancing.

After the show, it was time for Tower of Terror.  Dave's mom fed the girls a snack while she waited for us.  I remember this ride being a lot scarier, but I definitely got all nervous for nothing.  The pre-drop part of the ride was a lot quicker than I remember, and now you don't drop all of the way down at once--there are a few drops, and it doesn't fall as fast as it used to.  Lots of fun, and I'd do it again!

After the ride, we went to Pizza Planet for a quick supper, then saw the Muppet show.  That's always a cute one.

We wanted to be sure to go on the Great Movie Ride, since it's a favorite of Dave's mom, so we did that next.  Afterward, we had time to go see the Little Mermaid show, which Abby and Norah both loved.  We thought about waiting in line for Toy Story again, but decided it was just too long.  We tried to go on Star Tours one more time, but they had closed for the night.  It's too bad Hollywood Studios closes so early--we had such a fun day!

Abby before bed Saturday night--Minnie Mouse from Grandma and Rapunzel doll from Tracy--lucky girl!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like such a fun day! I remember the Honey I Shurnk the Kids playground from when we went there years ago. So fun!