Sunday, February 17, 2013


On Friday, we got to sleep a little bit longer, since we had a breakfast reservation at the Crystal Palace back at the Magic Kingdom.  The morning was foggy, but it cleared off by the time breakfast was over and ended up being a beautiful, warm day!

Breakfast was yummy, and the girls had fun seeing the Winnie the Pooh characters.  They even got to join a little parade around the restaurant at one point.

There were some "Lost Friends" that were posing for pictures with people by the entrance, so we stopped and waited to meet Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Gepetto before heading to Epcot for the day.

We took the monorail to the transit station, then from there, took another monorail to Epcot.  We decided to head straight back to the Finding Nemo ride--Dave and his dad went ahead of us to get FastPasses for Soarin'.  The Nemo ride was a quick wait and fun for the girls.  At one point, Nemo and friends look like they're swimming with the real fish in the aquarium.  After Nemo, we decided to wait a few minutes for the Turtle Talk with Crush.  This show was so cute.  Crush interacts with the audience, and answers kids' questions.  His facial expressions and reactions to some of the questions were hilarious.  After the show, we spent some time looking around the aquarium.

Our next stop was to grab a snack before going to see some characters.  We went to China first, where Abby was able to meet Mulan.

We walked through the rest of the countries, stopping for a couple of pictures before making our way to France to see Belle.

Norah loved the chance to change into cooler clothes and crawl around on a blanket in the grass in France while we waited for Belle.  After seeing Belle, it was time to FastPass Soarin'.  Dave's mom, dad, and sister went on it first, while we waited outside with Norah.  Dave, Abby, and I had so much fun on Soarin'.  I was so proud of Abby for being brave enough to ride it with us, and she had a blast!  Definitely one of our favorite rides of the trip.  While we were on the ride, Dave's mom had spotted Rapunzel at a secret character spot right behind where they had been waiting.  The person who was with her told Nancy that they'd be back a little bit later, so we decided to hang around there after the ride.  Jasmine came out first, and Abby was so excited.

After getting pictures with Jasmine, Abby spotted Rapunzel--she ran to give her a big hug--it was so sweet!  She walked hand-in-hand back with Rapunzel for some pictures.

We decided to ride Spaceship Earth before our princess meal.  Dave's mom took Norah to do a little shopping while the rest of us went on the ride.  We then made our way to Norway, where we had reservations at Akershus for another princess dinner.  This time, we had our picture taken with Belle, then were shown to our seats.  Another good meal, and more fun for Abby to see the princesses again!

We shopped a little at the gift shop in Norway, and then rode the Maelstrom.  We did some souvenir shopping back by Test Track, then found a spot for Dave's mom to sit with the girls and save our seats for Illuminations.  The rest of us rode used our FastPasses for Test Track--lots of fun to speed around the outside track at night!  We found our way back to Nancy just in time to watch Illuminations.  Abby didn't like the fireworks, but it was a fun show.

Another fun and busy day, and a late night!

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  1. I bet Abby was in love with meeting all of those princesses! What a magical experience for her!