Sunday, February 17, 2013

Disney trip--last day

Our last day at Disney, we got to sleep a little longer since the parks didn't open until 9.  We finished packing, ate a quick breakfast in our room, and checked out.  It's pretty handy--you can check your bags and get your boarding pass right at the resort.  They stored our carry-ons for us, and we hopped on the bus to Magic Kingdom for one last day.  Once there, we headed straight for storytime with Belle.  This time, the wait was an hour, but we knew it was something we wanted to do.  Dave and Abby went to see Mary Poppins while Norah and I waited.

It was definitely worth the wait--it's a neat set-up.  You get to go inside Belle's cottage and once inside, they have you go through three rooms.  First, it's Maurice's invention room, where they show some of his inventions.  Second, it's in a room where they chose people to act out different parts in the Beauty and the Beast story.  Abby was chosen to play the beast, which she didn't want to do.  When she was offered the part of the horse, I thought she'd refuse that too, but she took it.  Dave ended up being chosen to play the wardrobe.  He had to sing, and Abby had to neigh.  The last room was where they had the fireplace and brought in Belle.  Dave and Abby got to help act out the story with Belle, and then got their picture taken with her.  Abby got a special Belle bookmark to take home.

After story time with Belle, we picked up FastPasses for Winnie the Pooh (it had been closed Thursday, but was open again Sunday).  We also were given surprise FastPasses for Dumbo.  We headed over to meet Tinkerbell in Adventureland, where Dave's family met up with us.

On our way back to Winnie the Pooh, we stopped to meet Tiana.  She was definitely the sweetest of the princesses/characters we met on our trip.

We made it to Winnie the Pooh to use our FastPasses, but as we were waiting, the ride broke down.  We had to wait for them to unload everyone, then fix things, but finally made it on the ride.  We had just enough time to use our surprise Dumbo FastPasses before we needed to have some lunch and head back to our resort.

Abby had a gift card to spend, so we had saved just enough time to do some shopping before heading back.  Back at the resort, we had some time to kill before our bus came to pick us up.  Dave snapped some pictures of our resort.

We didn't realize until too late that we were sitting in the wrong area to wait for our bus, so we missed it!  Luckily, they called a taxi for us at no charge that brought us to the airport.  Even though we missed our bus and the security line took forever to wait in, we ended up having plenty of time at the airport.  We got some supper, then were getting ready to get on the plane when we realized things were running way behind.  The plane had come in a little late, but they also had a bad overbooking situation.  It took a long time for them to figure that out, but we eventually got on the plane and took off.  Of course, Norah had a dirty diaper right during take-off, so we got to experience baby changing in the little airplane bathroom once in the air.  Abby fell asleep right away and slept the whole ride home.  Norah was very restless for the first hour or so, then finally fell asleep.  We arrived in Minnesota, where it was cold, icy, and snowy.  Luckily, we made it home okay.  Dave's family ended up staying at our house because travel wasn't recommended south of us.  

It was an amazing, busy, FUN trip!!  We were so sad to see it end, and it went so fast.  Hopefully we can bring the girls back when Norah is Abby's age--Abby was definitely at the perfect age this time.  Lots of great memories!

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  1. So happy for you that you got to experience that! :)