Sunday, February 3, 2013

11 months old

It's official--just one month left before Norah turns a year old...  I can't believe how fast this year has gone!  Norah has had an exciting month--she got to meet her aunt Tracy (who has been teaching in South Korea for the past year), ride on a plane for the first time, and take her first trip to Disney World.  It's also been a rough month for her ears...she hasn't been able to shake the double ear infection that she got at Christmastime.  Just when we thought she was fine, we decided to take her in before our Disney trip just in case--right ear infection.  She had just finished her 2nd antibiotic when it came back with a vengeance last week--in both ears again.  She's finishing her 3rd different antibiotic, but also has a bad cold and probably teeth coming that are bugging her, so it's been a tough week.

When Norah isn't feeling crummy, she has been up to a lot of exciting new things.  She's still standing up on everything, and lately will let go for a few seconds at a time.  She is still putting everything into her mouth, but will now look at us before or as she's doing it to see what kind of reaction she'll get.  She LOVES to feed herself, and we discovered her love for blueberries today.  She really will eat just about anything we put in front of her.  She's still eating some baby food when it's more convenient, but is probably ready to be done with that completely.  She is truly a baby on the go, with a mind of her own.  So social and pretty easygoing when she's feeling well.  It's still hard to get good pics of this girlie on the go, but we thought we'd try to trick her by giving her a book to read.  We ended up with a few good ones:

I'll post about our Disney trip soon!  We definitely had a blast!

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